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Direct Attack, commonly referred to as DA, is a secret organization tasked with crime prevention. The organization carries out its duties covertly through the use of female agents known as Lycoris.[2][1]


Lycoris Agent Preventing Murder

A Lycoris eliminating a target

The DA is responsible for ensuring public safety in Japan by identifying and preventing crimes before they occur. Lycoris agents are dispatched to covertly eliminate individuals who aim to "disrupt society". This includes those who attempt acts of terrorism, murder, kidnapping and arms trafficking.[3][4][5] The DA does not pursue work in the private sector, concerning itself exclusively with matters involving domestic security.[2]

The organisation operates in complete secrecy. As such, DA activities are beyond the jurisdiction of the police, who are not permitted to interfere with their work.[3] Interacting with law enforcement or civilians would interfere in upholding the public belief that Enkuboku and the ruins of the Old Radio Tower - symbols of peace and tranquility - are responsible for maintaining Japan's position as the leader in public safety worldwide.[2]


Lycoris Symbol

The symbol present on Lycoris uniforms


Lycoris are a group of all-female agents who serve as the DA's field operatives.[1] Their main duty is to neutralise potential threats to public safety, and are authorised to use lethal force in order to do so.[4] The DA adopts, raises and trains all Lycoris from a young age. Agents possess a high physical aptitude and proficiency with firearms.[6]

Lycoris wear a distinctive uniform consisting of a white shirt, blazer, bow tie and skirt. This was purposely selected to mimic modern Japanese high school uniforms, as they would be the least alarming to the general public; Walnut refers to this as a form of "urban camo".[4] A Lycoris' uniform also denotes their rank, which can be one of three.

Chisato Nishikigi

1st Lycoris uniform, as seen on Chisato Nishikigi


The highest known rank among Lycoris agents, distinguished by their red uniform. 1st Lycoris report directly to headquarters and serve as field commanders during tactical operations, overseeing squads consisting of 2nd Lycoris agents. 1st Lycoris may also work more closely alongside selected 2nd Lycoris agents, who are assigned to them as partners.[2][6]

Takina Inoue

2nd Lycoris uniform, as seen on Takina Inoue


Distinguished by their navy blue uniforms, 2nd Lycoris agents work under the orders and supervision of their superior 1st Lycoris. Certain agents, such as Takina and Sakura, may be assigned to work alongside a 1st as their partner.[2] 2nd Lycoris do not have direct communication with DA Headquarters.[6]


Wearing beige uniforms, 3rd Lycoris have been shown to be deployed in large numbers in response to potentially serious threats, and are likely the most plentiful rank of agent.[3]

Intelligence Division[]

Not much is currently known about the DA's intelligence division. Unlike Lycoris, members of the intelligence division are not adopted and raised as orphans, instead consisting of trained professionals such as Mizuki - a former member.[2]




1st Lycoris[]

2nd Lycoris[]

Former Members[]


The terms "Lycoris" and "Radiata" comes from the binomial name for the red spider lily: Lycoris Radiata, which in Japanese culture is often associated with death.[7]